If it’s an “instant” lawn you are looking for, give us a call or stop by and the Shorty’s Blue Team will get you going in the right direction.  For small projects, sod can be picked up April through October by contacting the store and pre-ordering the amount you need.  If you need a larger amount, we can have it delivered to your home. Delivery is available Monday through Saturday from April through October.  Please call and check the availability of sod at other times during the winter.

Two types of sod are available:

 “Water Saver Sod” (RTF) – Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF®) is an advanced generation of turf-type tall fescue which produces rhizomes. A rhizome is an underground stem that penetrates through the soil to spread the plant. Rhizomes send shoots up to the soil surface while extending new roots downward, forming a new plant.  RTF has a strong, deep root system for increased drought tolerance.  It grows great in sun or shade with excellent color and density, keeping it’s beautiful green color throughout summer.  Uses up to 30% less water.  Slightly wider blade than Perennial Rye. Incredibly durable and will withstand high traffic areas.

Perennial Rye – A blend of three perennial ryegrasses chosen for their individual strengths and overall quality. These varieties first come through intensive breeding programs and then prove themselves at the highest levels in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program. Each performs well in our Northwest climate and under all levels of management including the golf course, commercial or residential landscapes.  Fine blades.  Good for moderate recreation and foot traffic areas.

Ryegrass sod on left and RTF sod on right

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