The Wonderful World of Hellebores

Posted on March 14, 2017 by Becky Staneruck

With the right combination of hellebore (Lenten rose), you can have showy blooms in your shade garden from December through April.  Not only do they bloom at a time of year when we’re desperate for cheerful color, they’re also deer resistant!  As an added bonus, some varieties will readily self seed and can naturalize in a woodland garden.    Our resident hummingbirds readily visit blooming hellebore!

Hellebore prefer rich well drained soil and dappled shade.  They are relatively drought tolerant once established but will benefit from supplemental water during extended dry spells.  Hellebore do best in neutral or even slightly alkaline soils, so supplement with lime if your soil is very acidic.  A balanced slow release granular fertilizer can be applied in Spring.

Right now at Shorty’s we have the following varieties of hellebore to choose from:

Helleborus orientalis varieties:  These semi-evergreen varieties have coarsely serrated leaves and wide ranging bloom colors.

  • Elly
  • Frilly Isabel

hellebore Frilly_Isabelle

Helleborus x hybridus varieties:  These large flowered hybrids are usually bred by crossing an orientalis variety with another parent to produce showier, upright, long blooming cultivars with neater evergreen foliage.

  • HGC Collection:  Shooting Star, Pink Frost, Ice N Roses Red, and Platinum Rose
  • Spring Promise Series:  Lily, Conny, Mary Lou
  • Winter Thriller Series (coming soon!):  Sweetheart, Midnight, Peppermint and Showtime Ruffles

helebore lily

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