Worms are Ruining My Lawn!

Posted on February 23, 2019 by Becky Staneruck

By Rob Sculley/Help & Advice

You may have noticed that your pristine lawn is covered in quarter sized piles of dirt all over. What is going on?!

Although this can alarm and annoy homeowners, these mounds are evidence of a healthy worm population. Far from being just “bait”, worms aerate the soil and create vital oxygen to the root zone. The mounds themselves are actually “worm castings” or worm poop…and worm poop is VERY nutritious for the lawn.

During very wet weather, worms usually move closer to the surface of the soil to breath. As the weather dries out, they move back down.

So what to do? -Insuring that your soil drains well by regularly aerating and top dressing with compost. -Rake over the mounds to spread the castings out. -Use a water-roller over the top to flatten them out. -Wait for drier weather, knowing that the presence of earthworms means good soil biology. Ultimately, that’s a good thing!

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